Top 3 for the First 3 // Date Spots // According2Kana

So you’re looking for somewhere to take this stranger that you’re kind of interested in. In today’s world, I believe they are still called "dates". Here are my top three date locations in the city.

1) I strongly believe in coffee dates because they are the undate-iest of the date world. White Swan Coffee Lab is my go to for this grey area. I know coffee seems kind of too informal, but what makes this place great is that they also host live music on various evenings. So it’s a great way to be invested in getting to know each other without too much pressure. The acts are super diverse so you’ll most likely be experiencing a “first” together to set the tone of the blossoming relationship. Oh, and you won’t be wasted drunk during your first date. The best part about the venue is if you end up with someone uber boring, David, the gregarious owner, will totally join the conversation and make up for whoever is lacking. He’s got stories for days. Also, the bathroom is really close to the door if you have to sneak out.


2) Someone made great conversation, has a job and is ACTUALLY completely single. They’ve texted/called. They get DATE TWO. A good place for this is Sauced. While known for being a little more upscale, the bar and patio make it a great place to feel fancy, but you can wear whatever you want. The service is always amazing, so this gives an even playing field for judging what amount they tip. We all know that’s the best way to judge people. If you now discover that they think mustard is more suitable for ketchup than fries (soulmate answer always barbeque sauce), just grab the check. Once they’ve walked you to your car and you see them drive off, sneak into Mo’s House across the street to have a drink and possibly pick up a new prospect.

sauced for love it evv magazine

3) For the lucky person who has made it to DATE THREE, we in the big league now hunnny! Arazu on Main is, in my humble opinion, the sexiest place to have a date in the city. The low lighting, the exotic food, the decor... All of it adds up to “oh hey, I’m diggin’ you”. It’s located right on Main Street, which is even better to finish off with a walk around the block.

Tell me your favorite date spots, I may just add to the list!