It's Time to go back to the basics...


With your beauty and your business.

As a person who has struggled with acne my whole life I was able to find my gift and passions through my struggles. Our truest gifts come from our places of darkness that we’re able to work our light through. You’re here because our light has collided. If you are looking for a space to find your glow in skincare through pure, whole plant holistic treatments and products or your glow in sharing your gifts with your new business

Let me help you…

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All services are booked online for your convenience. I specialize in Whole Plant, Holistic facials. Skincare customized to support your integumentary system. As well as Brow to Brazilian waxing

Time To Treat Yo'Self.


If you are looking for a provider to just come in do makeup, we probably aren't a good fit. If you are looking to surround yourself with vendors who truly care about your day, we might just be a great match for magic!

business Consulting

If you’re looking for ways to reach the people who need you through your special gift, I am here to help. Starting a business can be hard, but oh so worth it!

Connection is Everything!



Simple Ingredients In The Right Combination Really Can Make Extraordinary Products. I can help you find the right products. Try Them For Yourself And See. 

This Is A Luxury You Can Afford.